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Denmark reopens for cruises from 26 June

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As Denmark reopens the borders further for tourism, there is now finally also good news about cruise tourism in the country. Danish authorities have decided that from 26 June, vaccinated cruise guests are allowed to go ashore in Denmark without any further restrictions.

The requirement from the Danish authorities is that all cruise guests onboard have been vaccinated with an EMA approved vaccine. The reopening means that turnarounds are now possible in Copenhagen, but all 12 ports across the country will be ready to receive transit calls from June 26th. From the top of Denmark in idyllic Skagen to the port of Rønne on the scenic island Bornholm.

“We look forward to finally welcoming cruise guests in Denmark again. The wait has been incredibly long, and, unfortunately, most of the 2021 cruise season has already passed. We had hoped that non-vaccinated cruise guests also were welcome in Denmark as only one of four in the EU have been vaccinated, but the authorities chose a very cautious restart. Hopefully it will not be too long before we can also welcome non-vaccinated cruise guest to Denmark,” says Claus Bødker, director of CruiseCopenhagen.

Crew members are, unfortunately, not allowed ashore yet, unless they have been vaccinated as well. However, they can embark and disembark in Denmark. They furthermore have to be tested before, during and after the cruise.

At all Danish destinations, safety will continue to be a top priority with a strict focus on ensuring social distance and proper hand hygiene while maintaining the good guest experience.

The post Denmark reopens for cruises from 26 June appeared first on Travel Daily.

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